Lightdesk Product logo mark and branding
Rapid Business Systems commissioned a visual identity solution for a software product called LightDesk.
The light weight aspect was something to bring through into the identity. After several concepts the ideas settled on a feather icon with a cloud like form, and using a common typeface of Myriad with a selection of weights that can work both digitally and in print.The word 'Light' was created in the lighter weight of the font family, to emphasis the attributes of the identity.​​​​​​​
The guidelines put together outline the use of the logo – spacing, sizing colours and placement, as well as how not to use the logo. A formal colour pallet has been established for furthering the identity and a font family established and how it is used in literature to support the identity. Furthermore by using the space from the 'k' in LightDesk, a device (shape) was formed to help create more association to the software product. Due to the shape being triangular, it also forms a sort of light source to help further this idea of 'light' in a slightly different connotation.

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