I work in what would be classed as a fairly creative industry but find myself consistently wondering how to do other things, not because I want to change my job, I like what I do; just I find I have a constant passion to find out about new things, learn new skills and make new things.
In our consumer fuelled world it seems so easy to get skilled labour in to do the job for you, or buy products to what needs you have, or even the tools for a new project, but have you ever just thought, ‘you know what, I will give that a go!’ or ‘I want to make something for that…’ or even think ‘right I need to have a go at this just because…well why not?!’
This isn’t really about saving money, however sometimes you do, but about the journey of experience, you start to realise that a lot of things are not quite as hard as you first expected, you realise the enjoyment of the process, yes the actually making of an item can be fun or sometimes difficult, but when you’ve done it and achieved it, you think hang on I did that, and can give yourself a pat on the back for the achievement.
So as some examples of the sorts of random things I like learning about and having a go at: working wood, a little bit of leather working, sharpening tools properly, mountain bike techniques, fitting carpets and floors, tanning animal skin, making a bow drill and then making fire by friction… the list goes on!
I tend to find researching things helpful to begin with, for instance I can learn a lot from youtube or Instructables (depending on how you prefer to learn) finding people with similar interests to me, showing skills on how to make or do sometime and even checking out the odd DIY video on something I’m not 100% sure on. Once you’ve got the basic theory of what you may need to do it’s time to give it a go. I find the more prepared I’m for a task the more confident in knowing what I’m doing, even if I don’t!
But why bother? I believe it is worth investing some time into random projects and learning new skills. For one, the skills you learn can’t really be taken away from you and learning keeps your mind active, benefiting your health as well as boosting your own confidents in your abilities.
I think the key take away is to have a go. You only get good at what you do, and if you fail, this is ultimately the best learning there is. You will find yourself not making the same mistakes the next time, so it’s important to keep going, and have another go, and always looking to improve your skills.
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