A multi-talented graphic designer, Ash has a wealth of knowledge that crosses many disciplines; from print to digital, full branding execution to technical know how. Whatever it takes, Ash will find a way to make something better or learn how to.

Hey, I'm Ash and welcome to my portfolio website, which showcase's just some of the work I've been involved with. I've been in the industry for over 11 years, working with many clients from different sectors, start ups through to corporate giants, creative agencies and retailers alike. 
I've been involved with the beginning stages of two separate creative agencies, the start up of a highly successful clothing retailer and working with national and global businesses. As my clients have progressed I've retained these relationships, working along with them on their journey and success. 
With this exposure and many other experiences, I'm constantly learning new things, and adapting what I already know to help my clients move forward in an ever changing world.


Creative Agencies 
WQA, Catalyst, Align and Pull, Masters Allen, The Media Group, Diversity

Direct Businesses 
Macmillian Education, CXC, 3D Laser Mapping, Xplosive Ape, Holland & Barrett, Blackwell's, Aura Creative Photography, Pax, Highland outdoors, plus many more.

Fitness and wellness, Retail, Apparel, Photography, Sports, Publishing, Education, Mining, Music, Financial.​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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