Identity and branding development for Foretell Digital - a digital agency startup with a focus on building out online presence for small to medium sized businesses. 
The idea behind this is the name 'foretell' as it refers directly to foretelling the future. The brand needed to evoke mystery and capture 18th century style, of which tends to be the hay-day of fortune telling, with a modern twist and without it becoming a gimmick. 
This was achieved by using the font family Playfair display, a modern take on an 18th century font, for the logo and typography, along with building out a tone of voice thats both story telling and uses relating words such as; 'mystic, future and enchanting'. Finally by using imagery of beautiful almost surreal landscapes as the backdrop the brand, this helps reinforce the idea without seeming dishonest - in the same way a photograph can be very surreal but it is only showing exactly what it can see. (Deep!)

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