Macmillan Education Caribbean were looking to refresh the design for their latest hundred page resources catalogue along with incorporating the latest brand directions. 

During the initial development I approached the idea to use data merge techniques between excel and indesign to build out the catalogue recognising it would be an ideal way to add the new information to the new design; speeding up the design process, ensuring accurate content was being placed and allowing the client to centralise and uniform their resources data. This in turn means that year on year the data and page templates simply needed updating to create a fresh design for the catalogue.

We went about setting this idea into motion, the client created the data in the relevant ways while I design and built the templates. 

By automating the content it made for a more efficient build of content, allowing more time to concept and develop the design of the catalogue in a more clear and uniform visual direction, covering key requirements from the client and feedback from previous years.

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